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Just 4 from Caleb Fahey on Vimeo.

For a Four Creative Brief which asked for an advertising campaign for the 60 plus age range. Just four was created to promote a high quality television channel engineered specifically with the elderly in mind. The basic idea for the narrative was to create an uncomfortable environment in which it appeared the television image was draining out of the t.v into a kettle, this 'bad stream' so to say is then boiled and filtered into an elegant tea set. The bad stream then turns into a comfortable one and the channel name appears on to the tea set.


Acme Show Viral from Caleb Fahey on Vimeo.

Acme Show Viral
A short viral campaign for the Acme show, a show orientated around design from the design of the black cab, to elements of design we all see around us. The shows slogan is "Everything is Designed". The viral campaign plays on the name Acme which has strong links with the Roadrunner cartoons. The narrative of the viral uses elements from roadrunner to promote the slogan "everything is designed". In order to create the everything fuse wire, gunpowder was made and then coated in string.


Laundrette from Caleb Fahey on Vimeo.

A journey through the process of industrial scale laundry


Here is london from Caleb Fahey on Vimeo.

Here is london
A conversation with steve